Does this image look like a kid sketched it? Good, cause one did (albeit an adult "kid").

Today is my mom's birthday. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal and I wouldn't say much, but this year she moves out of one decade and into another.

I had hoped, planned, plotted to do something fun for this birthday, but a quick vacation my parents set up (are you avoiding attention on this mom?) plus working during the week prevents me from doing anything too crazy.

So this is the best I can offer. A terribly sketched note (a real card is in the mail - I totally bought one this year!) and acknowledgement of the birthday here is all I can do to embarrass a little (though I did think about getting shit ordered and put all over your lawn briefly...).

I know you just caught up reading this 365 thing mom, so it may be a few days till you see this but...

-you know you're a great mom (or damn well should) and I'm happy to have you as a friend
-thanks for always giving good advice and playing devil's advocate to get me to think outside of my perspective
-thanks for always grounding me in reality
-thanks for putting up with all my mistakes, letting me make them so I learn and grow
-thanks for everything you ever did (and will do ;) ) with the ferrets

Alright, this is about as sappy as I can go. You get the point.


What can I say? It's not easy being a mom but it's the most terrific job in the world. Thank you for the sweet comments. What better testimony can I get? Ferrets? yes. Cat? no. Well maybe. Love ya kid. Mom

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