Tonight was another girls night at Monterrey Grille in Caledonia. This time the group got even larger, including Terese-Ann (which may totally be spelled wrong but is on the L of the pic) and Sherry to our already existing Shelly, Wendy, and Val group.

The night was good but I have to remind myself to never over a Sangria there again. I should know better, as this is the second time I've done it. Last time the Sangria came back as just house red wine with some pineapple. Ok....I can drink that. This time it came with every fruit they could find, including canned peaches and a lemon wedge. Now while I could see having peaches in Sangria, I could not see having lemon wedges/slices....

The food was good, as it always is, and the company intriguing.

I look forward to the next girls night in November.


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