Today is the real Valentine's Day, but Chris and I celebrated it yesterday - and it was a fantastic day.  Why?  Read on...

I have classes Sunday mornings - and today was no exception.  Some classes (like 5 total out of 90 credits) have midterms, and my Sunday class happens to be one of those classes.  So this AM was a midterm for Criminal Law, a lecture, then home for some lunch.

After that Chris and I ran quickly over to Meijer so he could pick up some last minute provisions.  He's taking a business trip down to Florida for a convention and his flight leaves in the afternoon.

So in the middle of the afternoon, 2:30ish, we left so I could drop him off at the airport in Grand Rapids.  After that I headed home and have a lazy afternoon/evening mapped out of video games and snuggling with Leki and my new cute stuffed dragon.

So since really we only had a few hours to hang out but ALL day yesterday - celebrating that pink holiday a day early worked out just fine.


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