Easter isn't one of those holidays I did a lot of travel as a kid.  Christmas was always driving to Bay City (a two hour drive north of metro Detroit) but Easter was hit and miss.  Sometimes we would go, sometimes we wouldn't.  We always celebrated it at home though.  My parents did the traditional egg hiding and candy in a basket thing, as well as egg cracking (egg tapping).  I shot some video of the event, complete with basic intro since Chris was new to it.

It was great to see my little brother again, as well as my grandmother, who I've not seen for almost a year.  So we had three generations of women in the house.

There was plenty of food, and plenty of treats to munch on afterwords.  My parents even made mini-Easter baskets for Chris and I (I totally haven't had a basket in years, BONUS!).

My parents dyed a little over a dozen eggs for the day, which were brightly colored and stickered (see cute sheep sticker).

I spent probably too much time outside photographing them, as you can see by this blog post, but I had a good time.

The entire set of photos and days events can be found here.

As a little side note - I even logged onto World of Warcraft for a bit and dressed my undead appropriately for Noblegarden (their in-game Easter event).  The event comes complete with bunny ears, and egg-laying rabbits.


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