It rained a big chunk of Sunday as well. So we didn't really get a chance to bike ride or do a picnic this weekend, as hoped.  Instead Chris worked on his C2E2/Chicago trip video and I played more Lord of the Rings Online.  Look at that picture and tell me you wouldn't rather the weather be like that, swimming in a nice body of water with sunny skies?

The rain let up in the early evening, so after an unnecessary nap that ate up the afternoon, Chris and I headed out to stroll down Kent Trails.  It still looked stormy, but it didn't rain at all while we walked for a few miles, and it was good to get out of the apartment for a bit.

The tulips planted all over the apartment complex are up and ready to open any day.  They're a lovely array of colors tossed all over the wooded complex.

I also made a tasty-looking chocolate cake in the bread machine (which, of course, looks like a chocolate loaf of bread).  I'm looking forward to trying it in a bit with some tasty vanilla ice cream.

And in case you missed it and are curious what the trip to C2E2 & Chicago was like - here's a link!


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