Ok. So It's not technically Friday, but for my purposes it might as well be.  I have a 3-day work week because of finals, which means I'm off of work tomorrow (and I was off on Monday).

So while I finished up what was left of my work week today, Chris was kind enough to take a day out of his week off to wash my car, vacuum it out, and get the maintenance done on it I've been neglecting (oil change, etc).  

I'm also seeing the movie Kick-Ass tonight.  This is another reason why it is very Friday feeling today.  The movie comes out in theaters tomorrow (4/16).  No, I don't have an early pass.  For some reason a they have a midnight showing of the movie starting at 10pm.Works for me!

Good day, and glad to have a 3 day weekend ahead of me!

And the movie was pretty good too - by the way.


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