I woke up earlier than I do on a Saturday - 7 instead of 8ish to 9ish - so I took advantage of the opportunity and nice weather to open the window and hang out with the cat, listening to birds sing and squirrels run around like crazy.

There were errands that needed to be run though, and so Chris and I headed out a little after 9 to get some things done (seeds/corn for the wild animals, groceries, etc).  While out we stopped by Best Buy to see the new iPad.  Chris played with it more than I did. Honestly I'm just hoping the cost of eReaders drop after this thing has been on the market for awhile. I have no interest in the iPad but I'd like an eInk device.  Chris has a pretty good summary on his thoughts on the device here.

It started raining just after we got home, which means I promptly passed out and napped for several hours.  It was a good nap and I really enjoyed having a relaxing afternoon and evening.


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