Ok that isn't exactly what the exam today is on.  It's more like your ability to memorize specific rules of professional conduct in the legal profession.  This is in contrast to the reality that in practice, you'd be able to look up these rules or, if you're really stumped, call the ethics hotline for some advice.

Still, a working knowledge of how the rules roughly play out is necessary, so in-between strolls outside on a beautiful day and some video game playing, I reviewed some rules of professional conduct in preparation for the final exam tonight. As you can see from the photo, Leki was very helpful.

And most of the time I walk away from an exam and feel somewhat blah about it - which usually isn't an indication of anything other than me over-analyzing it.  But on this one I felt good.  I anticipated the test being much more painful than I had imagined.  A lot of classmates who had already taken the class talked about how surprised they were with the final, how out of the blue it was when they took it.  Not so.  All the essays and short answers we did in class really served to get you into the mindset for the exam.  I was oddly pleasantly surprised with this one.


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