Today is a much less action-packed day than yesterday. But that's ok.  That's how Sundays (or in this case Monday) are supposed to be.

So I made some strawberry pancakes for breakfast and then set about to homework and blog post work.  Chris spent a few hours helping me create a flash file for a screenshot tips post that I'm working on.  I guess I should say he all but did the entire thing. He was very patient - which is great because I'm a horribly impatient student.

I made some chocolate chip cookies and hung out a bit enjoying the weather. It has been cooler this weekend - which means no air conditioning running and Leki is able to enjoy his cat tower.  He's also been able to enjoy lurking in all of the various open windows.  I have to make a periodic circuit through the apartment to make sure he's not damaging any of the screens after his escape last year (which apparently I never blogged about).

Now I'm just looking forward to finishing up the night playing some of the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV. It's still a little nuts in terms of lag, but stumbled across an "enable hardware mouse" patch someone wrote that fixes the mouse lag and makes it more playable.


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