Mid-morning at work some co-workers stopped by and dropped off some tasty doughnuts from Kalamzoo (Sweetwater Dougnuts) and a designated gallon milk, just from the doughnuts. There was a lot of flutter about the milk being vitamin D (and therefore too fatty and undrinkable) and the doughnuts being too large (and therefore too fatty and inedible) but I paid no attention. I'm not a fan of doughnuts and milk, so I passed on the milk, but I did scarf down a delicious glazed doughnut (which are my favorite and remind me of tasty doughnuts every breakfast in Florida - visiting my grandparents).
In the evening I checked out Battlestar Galactica Online - which is in open beta and a browser based game. Meh. Not really impressed - but the fighter plane style of game isn't really my game of choice either.

Pretty good graphics for a browser based game though.


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