We really do wake up too early in the morning. Even on a day like today. We were wide awake by 6am, which meant a lot of time between being awake and the wedding. I actually had enough time to watch Ponyo because we got up so early (man was that a weird movie).
 By mid-morning I was off to get my hair done and Chris's best friend Chris was over at the hotel suiting up together. Once they were all dressed we headed out to the chapel, swinging by a fast food joint for a quick bite to eat first.
Mark and Karen were already at the chapel and my parents and brother literally drove past us while were stopped at a light. So we were not the first people to arrive, (and hopefully didn't make anyone too nervous) though we were there with plenty of time to spare.
Since the wedding was so small, there was no need to pile everyone in to the chapel beforehand and hide the bride. I hung out and greeted everyone once Chris and my mom figured out what to do with the weird ties on the back of my dress. I really like the informal and intimate feeling about it. I think that worked out really well.
 Once everyone arrived we started the ceremony, which was short and, quite frankly, I don't really remember much of it. I spent most of the time freaking out about my runny nose and trying to make sure I didn't miss the ring bit.
The ceremony itself was very short, so we had lots of time to hang out, chat, and take photos and be goofy. And we ended up with a lot of photos.
We were sure to get one of the Green Lantern fans, especially since there is a Green Lantern movie coming out next weekend.
Our reception was at Maggianos in Troy. Holy cow what a good choice. Great food, excellent service. It was fantastic. We only had 13 people total, and with our own room off to the side in the banquet section of the restaurant, you felt like you were the only people there.
The day was, overall, a fantastic day. I got to spend time with everyone at the wedding and the reception (which is harder to do with larger weddings) and I didn't have to do any dancing.
These are just a handful of photos. We have tons of wedding photos. We're going to get them all together and put them up on the website for everyone to look at soon! In the mean time, check out the fantastic card Comfort and Adam made for us!

Update (6/19/2011): For more wedding details and photos, Chris has a page up on his blog here.
Update (6/20/2011): Comfort and Adam posted an awesome blogpost today about our wedding. Check it out!



Sounds like an absolutely awesome day! I am so happy for you and Chris!

What a Great Day, to be married to your best friend, surrounded by your closest family, friends, and we were humbled by your inviting us to celebrate with you. Would not have missed it for the world!

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