This evening we met Jeff and Stephanie (and their new little one Alexa) and Angel and Dan for dinner before Chris, Dan, Jeff and I headed out to see Green Lantern. Dinner was great, and it was nice to meet Jeff and Stephanie's little one as well as catch up with everyone. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture of everyone at the restaurant, so all I have is a shot of the guys's backs while they were buying tickets.

The movie was better than expected. I'm not going to lie - I've never read the Green Lantern comics, but I'm familiar with the lore and the different origin stories as Chris is a huge fan and has done a great job explaining the evolution of the comic characters over the years. So I had a basic working knowledge of what to expect. So for me, the movie wasn't bad. I could fill in gaps here and there if need be.

Is it the most wonderfully written screenplay? No. But the Carol Ferris character bothered me much less than Jane Foster in Thor (not that I liked either character).

Plus, for me, the constructs in the movie were amazing. While I understood the concept of the Green Lanterns seeing it brought to life on the screen was something else. This movie made the Green Lantern universe more interesting to me.

Chris has a nice short review on his site that explains what he thought about the movie and adaption from comic to screen.


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