My parents and little brother arrived late morning today to celebrate Father's Day a day early. Chris and my mother discussed genealogy while my dad played a bit with Leki. I'm sure Leki enjoyed the attention, especially since he usually moves in on my dad who tries to avoid touching him due to cat allergies. But, armed with allergy medicine, my dad took on the cat in a playful round of batting.

Also, it appears several games on my ipad advanced in level thanks to Jeff's awesome gaming skills.
Anyway, we went out for some lunch then walked around the mall a bit since we were so close by. Not terribly exiting, but a change of pace. After that we headed back to our apartment where we introduced everyone to the Kinect.
I've played the Wii with Jeff, but never the Kinect, so today was a perfect opportunity to show him awesomeness. We have a few games for the Kinect, so we cycled through them, showing off various things it can do. My favorite is still Kinect Sports.

Jeff did manage to beat out any score I had on any game, just like he used to do when we were little. I don't know how he does it.


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