We started our trek home early in the morning so we could fit in as many random pit stops as we liked, if we liked. It was foggy in Newberry and along most of the drive through the Sault Ste Marie State Forest area. The fog gave the forest and awesome creepy haunted forest feel.
Among the parks I kept pulling over at was the one at Cut River Bridge. There's a roadside park and trail on either side of the bridge that connect and go down, giving visitors a nice view. We started to hike the west side of the trail but stopped after encountering fallen tree after fallen tree blocking the path. We also encountered early on a discarded guard rail, tossed into the forest.
We continued to randomly stop places, including an awesome and secluded (at least for this time of year) picnic area at Brevoort Lake. Also, I dont know why, but I love this sign. It's so...retro. It makes me think 60's but I'm guessing it's older than that.
I played around up and down the small beach area, poking at these little jelly globules (I though the were glass at first). After poking around on the internet, my best guess is that they're bryzoans. No idea if that's correct though. If you know, let me know!
The picnic and mini-beach area were empty so we hung out for a bit. Chris mostly read his book and I alternated between taking photos and reading short stories I had on my kindle.
By late morning we were crossing the Mackinac Bridge back into the lower peninsula. We were promptly greeted with orange barrels.
We spent awhile parked in Mackinaw City. We wandered over to the fort, decided against paying and going through, then wandered around the only other main road which is packed full of gift shops and fudge stores.

The rest of our drive back was less eventful. We stopped at several stores and Chris did toy checks, but he didn't find anything he was looking for. By the time we got close enough to some forests and parks I wouldn't have minded stopping at, I was just ready to be home and see the cat.

The cat was, as usual, insanely excited we were home. He insisted on someone sitting with him while he ate, he insisted on being in front of everything you touched, and most of all he insisted on touching his two favorite people. He's a little guy. He makes coming home worth it. And the ferret - she held no grudges either. She spent a bit bouncing around with more energy than a 6 year old ferret should have.


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