I played quite a bit more Guild Wars today, which is ok by me. I pretended that it rained all day (instead of just in the morning) and did a few missions. It's been ages since I've really played the game and with the online play free, there's no reason not to pop in and out of it.
I also ate a lot. For no reason other than it was there. I attempted to make a breakfast pita which ended with some charred spinach. So later I thought I'd try again with the pitas but this time with just random stuff from the fridge. So tomatoes, spinach, feta, beans, mushrooms, etc. I made a regular pizza pita for Chris and two veggie pitas for me so I'd have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I still want to cook things but I don't really have anywhere to put anything and we're pretty well stocked on everything. I suppose I should start eating some of the pierogies from the freezer. Even after giving my parents a bag there's still a ton. And then there are also those cookies I made the same day as the pierogies, and blueberry muffins from earlier this week, and a few more pieces of beef jerky even.

I still want to cook something. Like a giant lasagna or something and freeze it into meal packets. Or tuna casserole. Or even start trying to work with fondant again to attempt something Green Lantern-themed for Chris's birthday. Even though last year was a disaster.


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