The Eastown Street Fair was happening today so Chris and I popped over to check it out. Eastown itself is a small pocket in Grand Rapids and the fair was just a portion of that so it was only about a few blocks long. But there were a lot of people and the streets were stuffed with white-tented booths, selling various crafts and creations. It reminds me a bit of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, but much much smaller and with a lot more crafts  instead of such a heavy focus on fine art.

I also went into Yesterdog for the first time ever. It's a hot dog shop in Eastown that specializes in hot dogs. Since I don't really like hot dogs, I never had a reason to go in before. But Chris is a fan so we went in and the place is certainly a different feel. The staff were amusing and friendly, the store is decorated with retro signs for coca-cola and other things.
We weren't the far from East Grand Rapids so when we were done at the street fair we headed over to see if anything was going on and to check out Jersey Junction for some ice cream. Its a cute little shop with ice cream and a candy store designed to look like the old fashioned candy shops.

They also have a train that loops around the store up by the ceiling, though it was not running when we stopped by.


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