When I first moved out to Grand Rapids  I was still getting my bearings straight when I met this little girl. I had a whole business of ferrets at home and I was out picking up some ferret supplies on a January night in 2005.

I passed one of the cages and there was a little kit (baby ferret) for adoption. The previous owners had purchased her from the pet store and returned her because she was "deaf."
I already had a deaf ferret, so I knew the routine and honestly, it's not a big deal. What's another ferret who doesn't come to the squeaky toy? 

Of course, I later discovered that she wasn't so much deaf as stubborn. She heard you just fine. It was just a question of whether she cared. She never did care for that squeaky toy.
That's not to say she was a mean ferret, or dismissive. Just the opposite. She wanted to be a part of everything. 

She played with all the other ferrets I had (ferrets are difficult to get in a photo, so only four are shown here and she is not one of them).
In fact, she loved all animals. She especially loved a puppy I had once, Vash. They played marvelously together. I swear. Just look them.
She even loved the cat, although I can't say that was ever reciprocated.
This type of playing is about as involved as they ever got. But she tried. A lot.
Mostly she enjoyed playing by herself in boxes we cut holes in or dyer hoses we tossed around the place.
But, as you know from yesterday's post, Peppy was quite ill.

We took her in first thing in the morning and got her on some medication to try to stabilize her.

Unfortunately, as can sometimes be the case, her little body was tired. It was time to let her go.

I will miss her noises, her weasel war dance, and her adorable kisses.

Goodbye Peppy.


Oh Jennifer, I am so sorry about Peppy. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. They are a part of the family. {{HUGS}}


Sorry Jennifer, it is hard to loose our little furry ones.

They are our family and it's heartbreaking to see them ill. Hugs to you.

thank you. You guys are awesome.

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