Chris got up at the crack of dawn to finish the last painting task. The accent wall in the living room was red....

But we changed it to a dark green to match my couches. Now we just have to get them out of storage!

We rented a truck and took a few loads over to the house. Unfortunately we have a 3rd floor apartment, so by the end of the day I was ready to collapse. As Chris puts it, I'm a ranged fighter and the hauling of heavy things down the stairs is more like tank work. I love it when he references video game stuff.

The last thing we moved was the cat. Now, Leki has moved 3 times already with no issues, so I assumed he'd handle this move just as easily.

Not quite.

Leki has never lived anywhere with a basement, so when he heard Chris walking above him, he freaked. He cried on and off throughout the evening. Hopefully he settles in quickly.


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