I've had this recipe floating around in my head ever since I saw it on pinterest, so tonight was the night. I was going to make these Graham Cracker S'mores Cookies.

I didn't have two full packages of regular graham crackers, so I did half a baking sheet of cinnamon flavor and half with the regular honey flavor.
I made up the cookie dough batch and put generous balls of dough on top of the crackers.

I ended up with quite a bit of dough left over, but that's ok.That just means regular cookies as well!
The cookies didn't quite spread and cover the graham crackers like I thought and they were still not quite cooked after the initial 12 minutes, so I pressed them down a bit with a spatula and put them back in the oven. I think I would have been better off with smaller cookie clumps and just more of them, instead of trying to do one ball per graham cracker square.
The results were delicious! A gooey center and a tasty graham cracker bottom.


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