I don't have a lot of experience sewing things. I did some hand sewing as a kid, maybe used my mom's machine once or twice but by in large I don't do much. But we have the day off, and I've had this cat bed project on the back burner for awhile....

So I pulled out my grandmother's insanely heavy sewing machine and decided to get crafting.
Chris did all of the measuring and cutting for the fabric - which is awesome because I don't appear to know how to work scissors. After everything was ready to be stitched together, I ran off to figure out the sewing machine.

After what felt like hours (but was probably only 45 minutes) I managed to get the machine threaded properly and I was on my way to crafting a cat bed.
Later in the evening we both took a break from our respective projects and had a tasty grilled dinner together on the deck.
Then it was back to working on the cat bed again! Now the fabric I used wasn't felt. I found something softer and more to what Leki typically lays on (that is, blankets, fuzzy pillows, etc). Of course, because it isn't felt or a stiffer material, it doesn't really stand up on it own. So I stuffed it a little to give the tube some shape.

As you can see, he isn't really interested. Hopefully that changes, like his interest in his cat tower did.

And that's how we spent our one year wedding anniversary.


I'm sorry that your 1st anniversary slipped by me... :( (Has it been a year already?) I hope you had an amazing day!

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