It's Father's Day and Chris's dad and brother are on their way over from White Lake. That means it's time to prepare some food.

I've had the bread machine going for awhile making pizza dough for some pepperoni rolls.
I'm also grilling corn on the cob for the first time. I read a few different recipes online, all of which say to soak the corn prior to grilling but some say to rub spices and butter on prior, some say after.

I elected to try rubbing a buttery spice mixture prior to grilling so I had to tie the corn husks shut. Yay for extra yarn!
Luckily the sun came out and the deck dried after this morning's rain, so we were able to eat out and enjoy the weather.

Lots of skewered meats, vegetables, rolls. As usual, I cooked far more food than was necessary for two people. We'll be eating leftovers for days.
With the sun now out we even got to take a long walk through Oriole and Palmer Park. I spent some time talking to Chris's dad about the Arduino, turtles. Heck, we talked about all kinds of stuff. I'm really looking forward to hanging out together at the Maker Faire in Detroit next month.

After that we watched some internet videos, enjoyed the air conditioning, and each other's company. Chris's dad even gave us some tips on how to improve some things around the house. All in all it was an  excellent day!


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