It's the last day of a four day weekend and there are still so many things I want to do!

First thing this morning started a batch of DIY bird feeders. I ran across this craft a several months back and now that we have a yard I figured now is the perfect time.

I ended up using a random assortment of large cookie cutters, including a pumpkin and a teddy bear. (FYI - when the recipe says 1 3/4 cups water it really means a single 3/4 cup of water. I used 1 3/4 and ended up with a runny mixture I had to drain).
After we got back from running some errands I settled in for a session of Guild Wars. Having played so much of the Guild Wars 2 beta I started itching to play the original game. I'm so close to finishing the Eyes of the North main questline I can taste it...
Later in the afternoon I cast on some stitches and started in on another Dalek Washcloth. The pattern is really easy and it's a quick knitting project. Since I really shouldn't be knitting because of the strain on my wrists and elbow, I'm going to try to do a row or two a day (no more!) and see if I can get some smaller projects done.  
 After dinner the bird feeders were hard enough that they could be hung. We put one as an experiment off the back of the deck. I suspect it will be gone in the morning.
I even fiddled around with a arduino-controlled RGB lamp.

I definitely feel like this last day of the long weekend was a productive one for fun projects.


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