Rain was intense for a few minutes at lunch, but the rain left the rest of the day relatively cool in comparison to the last few days. I'm ok with that.
I pulled out an old Zipit z2 wireless messenger Chris bought awhile back. In looking back at my blog, I apparently haven't touched it since he bought it in 2009. Oops.

Anyway, I poked around a bit on the internet doing some research on various Linux flavors you can put on it. The Debian port I was originally going to put on it when he first bought it appears to no longer be available (at the very least some of the files aren't easy to obtain and the Debian version isn't supported anymore). So I read through a few different options that are currently supported.

Mozzwald has a pretty cool blog that goes back several years and details his trials and experiences with different linux builds. There was even a nice state of the Zipit post from earlier this year.

Right now I'm leaning toward putting OpenWRT on it but I'm not committed yet.


Nice, Jennifer! You'll love OpenWRT on the Zipit. You can run lots of fun stuff like python, perl, gforth, quake, supertux, and WAY more. There are more updates on mozzwald.com if you are still interested.

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