Today is my first full day with the Pebble Watch.The watch has an e-paper display, which is similar to the e-ink used in Kindle devices (not the Kindle Fire). That means it's easy to read in the sunlight.
The Pebble is a smartwatch that communicates via bluetooth to various devices, like a cell phone. So that means emails, phone calls, music tracks, texts, and all sorts of other information can be sent from the phone to the watch for display. And as you can see, it does still function as a watch.

Each time a notification comes through from the phone to the watch, the watch will vibrate to let you know. Then after a few minutes the notification will auto-dismiss (if it isn't dismissed before) and go back to the watch face. The watch even has a backlight so it can be used in the dark.

The watch is sort of big on my small arm, which I knew was going to happen. But it isn't heavy and aside from getting used to wearing a watch again it's quite comfortable.
You can choose any number of pre-loaded watch faces to display the time. Or you can download new ones from the Pebble app on your smart phone.

I've been playing around with a few different applications to pass information from my android phone to the watch. So far the Pebble app and Pebble Notifier seem to do the trick for everything. It's pretty awesome to get email and twitter notifications on your wrist.
The only odd thing I've noticed is that if I use the Audible app to control music, the Pebble doesn't know the name of the track. I think this is more of an issue with the Audible app than the Pebble, since the watch seems to read from other applications just fine. Also, since this is an audiobook we're talking about, it's not like I'm going to be skipping around to different tracks. It doesn't really bother me, but I did think it was amusing.

All in all I've been pretty impressed with the device. I'm really glad I backed the kickstarter campaign last year.


Mine is about to be shipped. I can't wait :)

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