Today we headed over to the east side of the state to spend an awesome day with our good friends Adam and Comfort. I'm sure I've mentioned before that they're super talented artists who make their own comic. Plus they are all kinds of fun to hang out with.

When we first arrived, we watched the finale of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice shows. Of the group, I'm the least familiar with comics, and even I was sad to see these shows end. Young Justice was as awesome as The Justice League that I watched some of back in the day. And for while I'm no fan of Hal Jordan, I did like all of the supporting characters in the Green Lantern show.

They took us out to eat at a very tasty Indian food restaurant. We ordered a gazillion vegetarian dishes and I was able to sample all kinds of tastiness. I really do like Indian food and I should invest more time trying to make dishes at home. Of course, Chris is not a fan so that means lots of leftovers for me (which I'm ok with)!
After dinner we took a post-meal stroll around their neighborhood. Chris and I often forget to take walks or just get out of the house sometime, so it's always great to see them and get out and about. We really should get in the habit of going out after every meal. I often walk around downtown at lunch but sometimes it's easy to forget to do it on the weekends.

Anyway, after our walk we settled in with a horrible, horrible movie and RiffTrax. I didn't watch a ton of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) as a kid but when I did watch it, it was always great. So it's awesome to know the guys who did commentary on bad movies are still making a go of it - this time with modern bad movies.
We also came back with a bunch of honey. Adam's parents took up beekeeping a few years back so anytime we go and visit I try to make sure we get some more Withers Mountain honey. I use a fair amount of it when making granola and sometimes as a sugar substitute in recipes. Plus it just tastes good.

They're now selling creamed honey, so we picked up two different flavored jars. They're basically flavored, spreadable jars of honey for things like toast, or what not.And they make different flavors of lip balm! So Adam's mom gave me a few different flavors to try.

We had a fantastic day and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them around the C2E2 and Jafax conventions this year.


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