The Grand Rapids Toy & Comic Show is happening again today. It looks like it happens several times a year. The last time we went to it was at the beginning of December 2012.

Anyway, this time around there were fewer handcrafted tables and more straight toys and comics. But I still managed to find something. Namely, these two adorable felt Doctor Who felt pins. They're made by Etsy Seller Allonsy Alonso. She had quite a nice set up of various Who-themed items, all of them pretty freaking adorable.
We hit the show first thing in the morning and weren't there for very long, so that meant we could decorating the Doctor Who cookies I made earlier in the week. I made about four dozen sugar cookies, give or take, so we decided to try a few different things. Chris suggested dipping some in chocolate, which was a pretty good idea. And tasty.
Next I made a massive batch of frosting for the non-chocolate cookies. We just used white and Tardis blue.
Let me just say that I'm terrible at this type of stuff. If something needs to be pretty, neat, tidy, or otherwise bakery-shop-like in its appearance, I just don't do well. I tried to make a Green Lantern Fondant cake once and it was a disaster. I've tried a few different approaches with frosting a cake and I just end up tearing into the thing. I lose patience very quickly, and that's part of the problem. It's also probably why some of these cookies came out oddly shaped. Chris, on the other hand, has a lot of patience. So I let him start in attempting to decorate the Dalek cookies.
After trying to decorate a few Daleks and Tardis cookies with the piping bag, we decided to give up and just frosting the back of them like we did with the chocolate cookies. That way you could still see the detail from the cookie cutter on the front and also enjoy tasty frosting.

Of course, we also have about another third of non-chocolate, non-frosting cookies for anyone who likes just plain sugar cookies.

I certainly didn't set out to make today so Whovian, but since there's a new Doctor Who tonight, I suppose that's as good a way as any to spend today.


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