Awhile back I purchased the NFC/RFID shield from adafruit. I was pretty excited when it arrived (and I still am) but I just haven't been able to come up with a project.

Today I decided to sit down and just play with it. I watched a few of their video tutorials and started playing with it.
In my confusion, I programmed the card as an NDEF card. This means that my new phone can read it since it supports NFC. That's exciting! But it also means that whatever I wrote to it is on the card for good. Arduino support is limited and that means no loading different information on the card. Since I had not changed any of the default settings in the program, I now had a card that loaded anytime something read it. Oops.
Luckily I found a forum post that suggested downloading an Android application called NXP TagWriter, which allows reading and writing of NDEF items. Since I was no longer able to write to the card using the arduino NFC/RFID shield, I decided to give it a go.
The application gives you a list of different formats that are supported. The card I have is MiFare card, so I was good to go.
I decided to change the card from the default I'd set with the arduino to Chris's blog. As you can see above, success!

I'll have to play around and find out what exactly I want the card to do. It can be programmed to send a contact card, phone numbers, bluetooth information, URLs, launch an application and more.

I also ordered a few more MiFare cards from adafruit so I can continue to play with the arduino shield and this time I wont accidentally program the card as an NDEF.


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