It's been a few weeks since I've launched and spent any time in Guild Wars 2. Sometime between then and now I've been experiencing a strange issue. When the game launcher would first start, it would immediately crash and telling me there was a load handling issue. Essentially it was this message.

So I tried a few different things. I tried re-downloading the software and running it normally and I continued to get the same error message.

Strangely, like in the forum post mentioned above, if I ran Guild Wars 2 in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, the game would launch.

I rebooted and tried a few different things and no matter what I could no longer get the game to run normally on my windows 7 machine.

Then a few hours later - no issues. Now it launches just fine without having to be run in compatibility mode.

So...that was an annoying thing to troubleshoot that occur and resolve itself with no real action on my part.


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