As we were leaving for C2E2 a few weeks back, Chris accidentally cracked the touchscreen part of his 7 inch tablet, rendering it unusable. So when we got home I did some research online and saw that you could purchase replacement screens.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and the screen has finally arrived. So Chris and I spent a little while this evening dismantling the tablet and replacing the screen. Even though I have smaller fingers, I'm less steady with small parts, so it's great that Chris has an easier time snapping things in, like the horribly obnoxious plastic piece that snaps the ribbon cable down.

Aside from that small piece of plastic, the replacement was pretty simple. Since it's just a screen that rests on top of the LCD, it's pretty easy to remove and replace.
Soon Chris was back up and running on his little Onda v701.


You are the person I have been looking for. I need to replace my screen on my Onda 701 dual core tablet. Is it as straight forward as removing the four screws? I have a screen on order but have not received it yet. Any direction you could give me I would really appreciate.

I should have taken more photos!

Essentially there are the 4 on the back of the device (covered by those rubber circles) and then another set that holds the touchscreen and the LCD together.

Once you remove the back of the case it's pretty easy to see the next set that have to be removed.

Going off of memory, I'd say there are about 8 more screws after you get the back plate off. The tough ones are the two that are under the ribbons connecting both the LCD and the touchscreen from the greenboard to the screen.

There are also a few latches that hold the LCD and the touchscreen together even after you get the screws off, so you'll have to unlatch part of the case. They're not hard to get off, they're just not obvious at first so if you find yourself pulling and something it's coming apart, it's probably still latched together.

The part that I found the hardest was actually getting the ribbon cable re-connected. That plastic clip that holds the ribbon cable down and connected to the greenboard is a pain to pull off and snap back in to place.

Thanks so much for your input. I at least now, know something about how it comes apart. I now feel I can replace this screen if I use caution.

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