Awhile back I picked up a few packages of tofu because they were on sale. I've tried to cook with tofu on and off with little success. I've liked tofu most times I've eaten it at restaurants, but I've had little success replicating anything at home. Since I had the whole day before me, I decided to split up a package of cubed tofu I had and try two different recipes.

This time I pressed the tofu for a few hours instead of twenty minutes.

The first recipe I tried was Fast and Easy Tofu Lo-Mein. I've had a package of ramen noodles sitting in the back of the cabinet for awhile, so this seemed like an excellent opportunity to use it.

I followed the comments from the "most helpful critical review" that recommended adding spices and vegetables directly in with the noodles instead of using the seasoning packet.

Then I coated the tofu in cornstarch and sauteed it in some sesame seed oil. The whole thing came out pretty tasty!
The second recipe I tried was Baked Tofu Bites. As the name suggests, this involved baking instead of pan frying the tofu. Since the tofu was already cubed, I just tossed everything in to a bowl and marinated the tofu for around ten minutes.

Because the cubed tofu packet had smaller than the recommended cubes in the recipe, I ended up with pretty small bites. But they're very tasty. The combination of liquids looked a little gross to me at first, especially since I'm not a huge soy sauce fan, but everything mixed together was delicious. I certainly wish I'd made more of these little things. They'll make a great snack in my lunches over the next few days.


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