I'm still really enjoying the Pebble Watch. It's nice to get little alerts, like when Chris is on his way to pick me up, without being worried and checking my phone constantly. Since I always leave my phone on silent in public, I' have to actively check my phone to see if any new messages have come through since the last check.

With the Pebble Watch the whole experience is more passive. Any messages that come to my phone get passeed to the watch and then from there I can decide to read more or just ignore it for later. It's not an Earth-shattering difference in my life, but it is nice and does change how I interact with my phone. That is, I check my phone far less now for texts, emails, and other alerts, than I did before having the watch.

It's also still pretty convient to use to stop and start audiobooks. When I'm out walking around on lunch or doing something it's nice to be able to pause the book easily without pulling out the phone, fiddling with the lockscreen, and then navigating to the app to pause the book.


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