Since I grew up right by Woodward, I went to the Dream Cruise quite a bit. I don't like classic cars, but I did enjoy hanging out with my friends. Mostly it was an excuse to get together and have a few beers. Plus I had a friend whose grandparents lived almost on the corner of Woodward and a major intersection, so it was pretty convenient, parking wise.

The Metro Cruise, unlike the Dream Cruise, is Friday and Saturday (the weekend right after the Dream Cruise, actually). 28th street is no Woodward in terms of lanes, but they manage to fill up the street with onlookers and classic cars. So while we were out and about, Chris and I caught part of the Metro Cruise this evening. It wasn't intentional and I've never actually been to it, so I was surprised by all the people.

Unlike the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Metro Cruise is not a multi-week ramp up of classic cars clogging the road during rush hour. Also, lucky for us we live south of it and don't actually need to take 28th street anywhere for those two days. It's a lot easier to avoid 28th street for two days and Woodward for two weeks.


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