Chris suggested making some chocolate chip cookies today and I couldn't just ignore such a delicious request. We were supposed to make them together, but I made them while he wasn't looking, mostly because I was bored and he was busy with stuff.
I also played a little in Just Dance 2014. I don't like dancing in public, I never liked going to clubs, and Chris can attest to how against I was at having anything involving dancing at our wedding (which is why we did not). So that makes it all the more strange that I don't mind this game. I'm sure part of it is because no one can see me (unless I accidentally upload something) and partially because the game shows you moves. Concentrating on the moves distracts me from the fact that I'm moving to music, I guess.

So I logged into a worldwide Dance Floor thing they have running, where various people can compete with you to do aerobic-type moves for various songs. I'm happy to report that I consistently ranked at the bottom after each song.

If people have uploaded videos of them dancing, you can see them when you hover over their names. You also see what country they're playing from, and their online level, which I assume is just your dancing cred.

The whole thing is interesting, and I'm sure I'll play with it more. I know Leki enjoyed it, mostly because he could sprawl out on his back in the laziest way possible and just enjoy being in the same room as me.


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