These days you can buy a lot of music digitally, which means no need to store CDs somewhere once you've ripped the files onto your hard drive. Unless, of course, the music you want is only available digitally in another country. Then you have to either wait for someone in the US to distribute the music, or you buy an import CD.

The cost on import CDs seem much cheaper than they did years ago, and in this particular case, this Mary Epworth CD cost as much as the digital files would, if they were available to someone in the US.

I still not sure why, in this day in age, distributors have such artificial barriers to digital media. It's the same way with books, although I have heard that in some cases if you set your Kindle to the UK (or whatever country) you can purchase an ebook and then set your region back to the US. Either way, I just opted to buy the CD and rip it myself as opposed to wait for a US company to "distribute" the mp3s.


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