This is what we woke up to this morning. I sincerely hope that most people did not have to go to work. Snow kept coming down and the wind was (and probably still is) brutal.
So I decided to make something warm and tasty. I'm all out of fresh fruit, so I decided to make the baked oatmeal recipe I like that only needs dried fruit. It will certainly come in handy the next several days, once we go back to work.
Later in the afternoon I went and helped Chris shovel, in my badass kitty hat. Chris still did most of the shoveling, but I pushed stuff around with the tiny shovel!
And, while we are getting low on supplies, we did have enough to make chicken and dumpling in the slow cooker. I modified the recipe a little (home made dumpling dough instead of a can of dough) and it tasted alright. I probably put way too many dumplings in it. To be honest, I prefer pretty thick soup, so I didn't mind.

We only have one more day of vacation left. Hopefully tomorrow is better, weather wise, and we can pick up some fresh provisions.


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