So today was the 4th of July. And although my 4th's are usually pretty active (driving back and forth from Grand Rapids to Flint), this one was especially. Since I had stayed at my parents I was in town for the Huntington Woods parade, so I rode over there on my bike and hung out with the Hamilton's and Rays. That parade is like Halloween - you get a TON of candy.

So after that in the usual tradition I headed out Rob & Nikki's to celebrate. They usually have a big party with lots of stuff - volleyball, football, tons of food, tasty jello shots, a fire, and fireworks. Unfortunately I have an old and angry car, and it overheated just as I got to Rob and Nikki's. But Kati's dad is awesomesauce and will be fixing it tomorrow - he says its an easy fix. <3

So here is a shot I got while I was trying to get the kids playing with sparklers. You can see the ghost of a kid walking by to the right (which I'm sure you could photoshop but I haven't).


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