This morning I was determined to be productive. Ignore the fact that I got up later than expected and had to cut out some things. The main tasks were completed. They were using up the strawberries that were going bad (purchased primarily as subjects for photos for my moms kitchen but tasty treats as well), make some breakfast sandwiches, and do another batch of jello shots for Georgia's birthday shindig Saturday. Never mind that I made a mess on the jello shots and um..well..they're mostly tequila now. I hope someone likes that crap cause I'm not fan of that stuff...

So here's a shot of the sandwiches (sausage, egg, cheese, english muffin - sound familiar?) and strawberry smoothy I made in my chopper. Yes, you read that right. I dont own a blender but that chopper does a pretty good job.

As a side note I was slightly more social than normal today - I had a date. And you know, it was good.


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