Well, this weekend was a good weekend for the most part, with one minor unforeseen issue. Well, I guess I shouldn't say unforeseen - my car is inherently unreliable and I'm always getting disapproving glaces from my dad when I say I've pushed out looking to replace it. Anyway, the issue was the further cracking of my coolant tank, causing it to spring a pretty sizable leak in the end and dump everything in about 30 minutes of driving.

Originally I had had this tank replaced last year in Grand Rapids. Several months later I stared having issues so I took the unit back and had it swapped, for free mind you (since I had paid for the work the first time), for another tank. Apparently the one they had installed had cracked. Well great, so did the replacement one....

However, since I was NOT in Grand Rapids where the work had been done, and it was a holiday (since this technically occurred on the 4th), Kati's dad was awesome enough to come out today and swap the tank the next day.

So here is a shot of him taking out the old tank and replacing it with the free one he got from Kati's older brother, who works in a scrap yard.

The car made it all the way home with no problems. Ty ty ty Gary & Paul.


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