Photography is an expensive hobby. I shudder to think what more serious hobbyist (never mind professionals) pay after all is said and done with their equipment.

I was lucky enough to receive my lenses as a gift from my parents years ago, but the digital body I bought to replace the 35mm one was still a few hundred dollars and its not the best by far. Still, in the scheme of things filters are relatively cheap. So that's what I decided to invest in next.

The ease of filters is that they're cheap and replaceable. They cover the glass of your lens and protect it from damage as well as have the ability to do more depending on what you get. So pictured here are two types (one for each size out of the lenses I own) - UV and polarized. The UV is basically just to protect from damage (although it can reduce glare on surfaces as well) and the polarized well...have you ever worn polarized sunglasses? There ya go. Thats what those do.


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