Today I headed back out to Ken-O-Sha Park to search for wild strawberries. Don't ask; long story. Anyway, I had hoped to stumble across some off the paved trail. So after riding for a few miles on my bike (on the paved path as I don't have a mountain bike) I headed down a few of the spiraling network of paths throughout the park.

Now you have to remember, all throughout the park is water. In fact the park trail follows Plaster Creek. Because of this there a plethora of mosquitoes abound, buzzing about waiting to attack unsuspecting passersby. Today after spending a few hours there I walked away with about 20 bites on just my legs from wandering. Still, that is not as bad as it could have been.

Alas! I had hoped to have a pretty awesome shot of a mosquito sucking up blood off my leg, but the shot was in dim light and is out of focus so instead you get this. Here's a shot of one of the main unpaved paths in the setting sunlight.

Anyway, I should go buy some bug spray tomorrow.... It seems like I have a never ending cycle of mosquito bites from being out every night.


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