please forgive the picture....I will have to fix it with the borders but I'm too sleepy to do it now. Anyway, onto the main content of this post.

Today Amanda came over and finally had me watch a movie she's made reference to before online and off called Repo! The Genetic Opera ( Now anyone who knows me knows I cannot stand musicals. They drive me bonkers. The only one I could come close to tolerating was Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was amusing and the music wasn't terrible. Stuff like the Wizard of Oz - no.

Anyway, Repo is what she calls a "rock opera," and you know, it wasn't that bad. It had a crazy plot and delivery that could only really work well in a musical as opposed to attempting to take itself seriously. All in all I was amused and impressed with some of the singing.

So here's a shot of Amanda chilling on my couch while we watch the movie.


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