Today I finally got to investigate Kent Trails. With the limited amount of time I have in the evening I only rode about 5 miles (from 84th street to 44th street) but it was still decent exercise. The terrain is pretty flat, so its not real hard to bike.

Anyway, as I was first riding north I thought that the curve of the road and the field looked familiar. That happens to me a lot and usually I'm wrong because I have a horrible sense of direction. This time however, I was right.

When I looped back down I realized why it looked like I had driven the area before. I had. Somehow I didn't notice on the first pass that I was right next to Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery ( Like literally. I could have just turned into their driveway. Thats the place where I had most of the ferrets cremeated (sans Atrix who died in Detroit and Bell who died before I ever moved to GR). Kinda cool, kinda weird.


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