Recently I started using Flickr more and joined a bunch of groups - one of which was a Grand Rapids photography group.

Well, one of the moderators proposed an instructional photowalk to go over some of the basics of camera settings, some composition techniques, etc. And, being noobish in my camera and especially composition (as was pointed out by a friend of mine - and he's right) I thought I should attend.

The walk was pretty helpful. Although I knew the basics on my camera for settings etc, its always helpful to have someone give you their perspective, or explain something in a way that maybe clicks better than what you'd read or been told elsewhere.

All in all the walk was a lot of fun. I didnt really manage to remember names - which is pretty bad. But listening to people talk and seeing how they shoot is helpful when you're learning yourself.

So here's a shot of one of Michigan's season. If you're interested in more shots from the event: 23rd July Photo Walk


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