Not exactly, but for some reason (probably because I'm on a heavy video game kick lately) the fog this morning triggered that in my head.

I used to play Empire Earth II solo and via mini-LAN parties back in the day.  And like so many RTS (real-time strategy) games, there was of course the Fog of War on much of the battlefield.

Of course in Empire Earth II if you built one of the Wonders (Library of Alexandria I think) you would be able to see your enemies fully completed buildings.

Grand Rapids kinda needed a beefy library this AM.

The rest of the day was pretty normal and without much mention.  Work was work, and the evening was a little frustrating because I couldn't definitively solve a problem.  I've accidentally deleted the PDF Viewer on the Palm Pre, and since its pre-loaded software, that apparently means it is not an application for download in the Palm Application catalog (why I can delete the PDF viewer and not the stupid NFL/NASCAR/Amazon applications from the phone is a frustration all its own).

Chris and I poked around quite a bit on and finally found a copy of the application.  The catch is, when the phone reboots it disappears and needs to be reloaded.  Lucky for me, Chris was clever enough to toss the file up online where I can download and install it on the fly.  So a lovely workaround until I find a permanent fix.


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