This post marks the completion of one year on the 365 project.  So really, this should be a celebration, or reflection, or SOMETHING epic to acknowledge this, right?

Yeah, well, honestly I didn't give it much thought.  So here's some mini-reflection and then onto the regular-ness of this photo thingie.

In a year I've:
~ had two different jobs (both temporary)
~ been unemployed twice for a few months
Met someone awesome
fallen in love
moved in with the man I love
~ and a whole bunch more...

So here's for hoping this next year is just as good as last year (and since I'm going to continue this project you will be able to review about happenings if you choose).

Now, onto Wednesday!
You might be noticing tasty cupcakes off to the left there, and you'd be right.  On lunch a co-worker and I headed out to do some treat shopping for a going away party we're having on Friday night.  We finally decided on cupcakes vs cake to save on cake cutting hassle and what not. So we snagged these colorful confections at Meijer, as they were much more reasonably priced than Costco.

Since it's St. Patrick's day, there's a party downtown.  My boss let everyone out an hour early to celebrate and since I had class I just headed downtown an hour early to work on homework and tweak my phone.  There were tons of people walking around in green and the bars were celebrating.  I could even hear the live band playing at the bar behind Cooley from inside the school.

After class I headed home to and watched the guys enjoy Game Night.  They watched some movies, enjoyed some Heroclix, and tasty creepy Shrekheads.

I would totally play games with the guys if I didn't have class on the Wednesday's the get together.  And it looks like next semester I'll have Tuesday and Wednesday classes so just the tail end of Game Night geekery for me.

Still, its good to see the guys and hear their awesome MST3K-style quips at whatever movie or show they've got playing in the background.


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