Taking a class in the morning on a Sunday really seems to suck up a chunk of your day - even if you wouldn't normally be up and moving until after the class ends.  Although on a certain level being forced to get up and moving so early can help get you in the mood and motivated to be productive all day long.

That didn't happen today.

Instead I came home, ate some lunch, took a walk down Kent Trails with Chris, and dinked around on the computer for awhile off and on trying to clear up duplicate MP3s on the hard drive I use for the sync system.

While working on that intermittently on that (more like barely at all until the evening) I knocked out a few chapters in Final Fantasy XIII (on chapter 7 now...) and played around with a new racing game in beta for the Xbox 360 - Blur.

I got the beta code from CrushFragDestroy and set to downloading the game onto the console as soon as I got home from class.  I tried to do it in the morning but since the codes were generated minutes before I tried to use them, Chris correctly pointed out that the codes might need some time to register with the system before they were valid.

So Blur is sort of like Midnight Club hooked up with Mario Kart and had a love child.  Admittedly I reference Midnight Club because it has honestly been since about 2000 since I've played a racing game that wasn't Mario Kart.  Anyway, the beta I have is only multi-player across Xbox Live, which means I should have registered it with Chris's account instead of mine (I thought the beta was access to offline and online for some foolish reason).  I have another 30-something hours of free gold access to check out the game a bit more. Interestingly you can have the game tied to your twitter account and it will tweet achievements (I have yet to try this).

I also finally settled into chapter 1 of Fable II.  I had tried the first installment about two years ago on my xbox and got annoyed quickly with the level of hand holding and restrictions that I dropped it quickly.  After playing the latest Final Fantasy installment - I'm not sure what I was complaining about exactly.  :/ *

In the evening Chris settled in with my SLR to take some shots of his latest action figures.  You can head over to his blog and check out the shots here.  He's also been toying around with new format (picture slider GO) and ideas (including audio/video posts with transcript) for his blog.

All in all the weekend was awesome.  But as usual, it was way too short.

*As you can see, I'm very much back into the swing of console gaming.  For several years I did most of the gaming online with World of WarcraftWarhammer OnlineLord of the Rings OnlineGuild WarsFinal Fantasy XI, or any other host of free trials that were available.  I have very much missed my console gaming (although when Cataclysm or Final Fantasy XIV come out I'm sure I'll be back on the computer).


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