The day started off alright.  I had a bunch of little projects at work that got completed (which is always satisfying) and nothing too crazy happened to throw the day off kilter.  I was feeling better in the morning, the sun was shining.  It was shaping up to be a good day.

After work the day only got better.  The weather was so nice Chris and I took a nice stroll down the Kent Trails, enjoying the little bits of green spotting the trail and a few random orange flyers that referenced the Lorax, attached to trees.

When we were done walking, we headed out to get tasty subs and then finally home to enjoy the last few hours of the evening.

I watched a bunch of random videos I had emailed myself from Google Reader, including one poking fun at the recording industry, referencing the Hope Taping is Killing Music slogan from the 80's.

When those videos were all said and done, we settled in to watch some Daily Show and news.  Great end to the day.  I'm certainly looking forward to more sunny days.


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