Starting Friday and over the weekend my throat has gotten more and more irritated.  It's been sore, my nose has been runny, and it's just been annoying.

So I asked Chris on the way home today if we had any soup.  If not I had intended to swing by and get some.  Instead he decides to swing by and pick up provisions necessary to feed a sick person, since he passes grocery stores on the way home anyway.

So next thing I know he comes in the door with multiple choices on soups, tasty juice, delicious Meijer bakery bread, and of course, crackers!

Needless to say, dinner was tasty.

After that mail was opened and the Dragon Age t-shirt Chris had ordered for me on Saturday (in the middle of the day, no less) arrived in the mail, via standard shipping, from Tennessee (that's fast shipping).  As a bonus it came with an in-game item (which I quickly redeemed online). :)

I mostly just laid around in the evening.  The news made reference to Peter Graves dying, and they showed a clip from TV shows and movies he'd been in.  Apparently one of them had been Airplane! which I'd never watched.

The movie was funny, but I obviously missed several references to 70's/80's occurrences (ex. a coffee commercial reference), which Chris was kind enough to point out.  So having some of those things explained helped enjoy the movie even more.


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