So a few weeks ago the Xbox 360 Chris I had ordered arrived and was DOA.  It had the classic red ring of death. So off to Microsoft it went.

So when it arrived (with free 30day subscription to XBL gold) today I was sure to hook it up, make sure it worked, and see what sort of shiny things it had under its hood.

The 360 is different than the PS3 with its menu system.  In some ways the PS3 is markedly better, in others, not so much.  I'm not overly fond of the 360's tiered Xbox live (silver is free, gold you have to pay 50/year) vs the PS3's free PSN (though there has been talk about them making it subscription based).

Most of the games I want are out for both platforms (Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Age, etc) or PS3 specific (Heavy Rain).  There are very few games that are on the Xbox 360 that *I* want and honestly if I have a choice between the PS3 or the Xbox for the same game - I'll almost always get the PS3 version as the graphics are superior.

I do get the feel that the 360 is better with an online community type feel vs the PS3 is mostly standalone and the Wii as a in-person group system.  So they each have their strength and weaknesses.

On Friday I did win a contest for Red Faction:Guerrilla from CrushFragDestroy and I did opt for the 360 version since it has multiplayer and there is a slim chance one of Chris's friends who do have a 360 might have the game.  Plus, since I only have an old xbox game this is the first official 360 game! Exciting.

Another bonus on Friday was the sexy Blood Elf/Night Elf mousepad one of Chris's co-workers gave to him.

So it being Friday with a whole weekend ahead of Chris and I, the mousepad, the Xbox, the contest, and the massive amount of Heavy Rain I got in all night made for a fantastic Friday.  Totally wish I could hit repeat.


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