Saturday started off on an early note.  I was awake before 6 (no doubt partially due to falling asleep by (9:30 the night before).  So that shifted the entire day off slightly.

I played some FFXIII early in the AM until the music lulled me back to sleep.  Chris woke me up around 10:30 so we could get up and moving.  We had things to do!

The first order of business was swinging by the post office.  Chris picked up a pen tablet that was waiting there.  After that it was off to the mall (Rivertown Crossing). 

We poked around a bit there.  Chris was dead set on getting this Dragon Age t-shirt for me.  Tis an awesome shirt - but then I am partial to both the game and dragons in general.  The store didn't have any in my size, so while having lunch at Olga's Kitchen, he quickly ordered one from his palm pre (that phone is pretty damn awesome).

After that we wandered around in the stores, looking for a spring jacket.  Instead we found a lot of 80's fashion going on.  I'm officially scared to look at clothes now.  Good thing I rarely buy clothes.  I loathe clothes shopping.  Hell, I have t-shirts from high school still (though admittedly they mostly have holes *cry*) that I will wear.

Later some grocery shopping was done, and then it was back home.  Worked on FFXIII for a few more hours (really, I'm thinking I *might* be close to where it opens up...maybe? Story is keeping me engaged in some otherwise annoying parts).

A mini-keyboard/mouse combo I ordered awhile back from Chinavision arrived later in the afternoon.  So we played with that quite a bit and we can now retire the wireless mouse and full size wireless keyboard from the living room.  The mini-keyboard/mouse is only a little larger than a tv remote and works very well with the mac mini (once we figured out the device turned off after 3 minutes of no use).  It was relatively cheap (40ish bucks) as compared to a wireless mouse and keyboard set, so I'm pretty happy that it works so well.

Later in the evening we settled into catch up on Caprica, as well as a The Daily Show and Colbert Report from last week.


number 361 of 365!

what will you do to

1.) celebrate

2.) start over?? new blog name, continue??

Enjoy the photos and reading it that is a cool keyboard thingy!

Honestly Carol I'll probably celebrate AND continue.

This project has been pretty good discipline for me. It keeps me motivated and helps me to find the positive side of things even on bad days by forcing reflection required to post about the day. Its almost like a perspective check sometimes.

Weird - but it works for me.

Plus, I hope people at least like the photos even if they're not always interested in the crazy ramblings of a cat-loving video game fanatic. :D

Hey, sounds good to me, I'll look forward to it

I have some flower pics on my blog, you might like, tuplip magnolias, I thought they turned out pretty good. Also, about a week ago, a pelican in the water, I really liked that one.

And today, kite surfing, have you ever seen that on any of the Lake Michigan beaches??? I have seen wind surfing at Gun Lake, but, don't remember ever seeing this kite surfing.

Keep up the good work!

Actually - I have your blog posts in my RSS feed. So I enjoy the photos and reading about yours and Man's adventures.


The dolphin/guy sand sculpture is pretty cool looking.

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